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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I want to write a book. I know I need one to advance my career but just don’t find the time. How can you help me?

A: Believe it or not, almost all our clients are just like you: bright, focused, busy, and filled with good ideas. You know you need to get those ideas organized into a book, but you also know it’s an enormous task. After all, you already have a full-time job. That’s why businesspeople – both men and women – come to us. We give your book project our full attention.

Q: I’m a good writer. Why should I hire you?

A: We’ll bet you are a good writer, but writing and editing a book is like no other profession. It’s complex and detailed; the form and structure of the argument and the book’s organization require consistent, thoughtful attention. Have you ever begun writing an article or white paper only to have to set it aside for a week or two because of other pressing business engagements? Remember how difficult it was to get back into it after the long hiatus? That’s why you need the help of someone who has major experience writing, editing and publishing books. We’ll be on the job all the time. We’ll get the job done sooner and get it done for less than it would have cost you to write the book yourself.

Q: How do we get started and organized?

A: We’ve developed “The 5-Stage BBG Book Development Methodology,” a time-proven program for building a successful book. We’ve implemented it successfully for years with our author-clients. It’s explained in detail in our free white paper, “Secrets of Success for the Business Book Author.”

Q: What’s a book proposal?

A: Quite simply, it’s the business plan for your book. You wouldn’t launch a business or pitch a new client without a business plan, would you? Your book proposal describes every aspect of the project, including the market, book length, chapter contents and more. No stone is left with moss on it. It’s the keystone for your book’s success.

Q: How do we work together?

A: We want you as involved as you want to be. That said, we find most of our author-clients like our process: We spend some time working together at the outset to discuss your book’s content, record the meeting and take detailed notes we use to develop the book’s game plan. Once you’ve approved the book proposal, you get back to work and we get busy delivering first-draft chapters, usually three or four at a time, for your approval. We revise according to your changes. Once we’ve completed the entire draft, we revise it once more and deliver your final manuscript.

Q: How long does it take to write my book?

A: Depends. We create a manuscript submission schedule and ask you to stick to it with your edits and requests. If you do, we can deliver your completed book manuscript in six to twelve months.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: We’ve created the five stages to help you acclimate to our book development process. The first consultation is free; we charge fees for each subsequent stage, which produces a valuable deliverable and builds the base for the next stage. All our fees are described in our free white paper, “Secrets of Success for the Business Book Author.”

Q: What if my ideas change as the book is being written?

A: Rare is the author who does not find his ideas or message expanding, contracting and changing, so we expect they will. The book proposal helps you firm up your ideas before we begin actual manuscript drafting. Subsequently, our contractual terms allow for a rewrite or revision up to 20 percent.

Q: Why should I work with you?

A: We have two competitive advantages. One, we only write on one book at a time – yours. Two, we’ve worked on both sides of the editor’s desk. Modestly, we know it all: writing, organization, content creation, developmental editing, ghostwriting. We’re authors ourselves. We love books. And we’re fun to work with. Although you’ll choose just one of us as your ghostwriter, all three of us read, comment and share editorial views with each other.

Q: How do we start?

A: Read our “Secrets of Success for the Business Book Author” if you haven’t already. Take a close look at the last topic, “The BBG 5-Stage Book Development Methodology.” Set up a free consultation and choose one of us you’d like to work with. Time’s a-wasting. Time to kick your career into overdrive with a book.
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