Is 2020 the year you write your book?

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Learn more about each author's individual skill sets
Learn more about each author’s individual skill sets
A great resource for new ideas and writing tips
A great resource for new ideas and writing tips
Download the author's guide
Download the author’s guide
Your Book As A Podcast
Your Book As A Podcast


Commonly Asked Questions

I know I should have a book, that it will enhance my career immensely.
I’m a little hesitant to hand it over to somebody else. Do many authors hire ghostwriters?

Where do we start? How do I get organized? What do I have to do once we get going?

How long does it take you to write my book?

How much are your fees?

What’s the ROI from publishing my book?

Why should I work with the BBG?

These and many other questions you have are answered in our free Author’s Guide, “Secrets of Success for The Business Book Author.” Download yours here, give it a read, then give one of us a call. We offer you a free 30-minute phone or Skype conversation to talk about your book idea.

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